Environmental Policy Statement


Environmental Policy Statement

The Tata Emerindo Group


The TATA EMERINDO GROUP of companies is aware of the need for businesses to assume a leadership role in safeguarding the environment. The Company will do its part to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of our operations.


The Company will continually strive to improve its operating procedures and equipment to minimize and prevent any environmental concerns. This policy will apply to all TATA EMERINDO GROUP employees as well as contractors who are performing work on TATA EMERINDO GROUP property.


All TATA EMERINDO Group employees shall also be environmentally responsible when they are performing work on customer property and is expected to carry out the spirit and intent of this policy.


The Company shall operate every facility and perform all work in accordance with local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations.


The use of materials, policies and procedures, and equipment which are a hazard to the general public, individual, or the environment will be eliminated or minimized.


Management shall control whenever possible the generation of waste and proper disposal to reduce toxic emissions and or pollutants. Energy conservation and resource consumption shall be monitored continuously.


Work shall be performed and planned to eliminate and prevent unintended releases to the environment. Environmental friendly solvents and oils shall be used whenever practical.


All unintended releases shall be reported immediately to the proper authorities for proper remediation actions, and to prevent further damage to the surround environment.

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